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General Contractor

A general contractor is responsible for the daily management of a project, including coordinating with material suppliers, directing specialized tradespeople such as electricians and plumbers, and most importantly, communicating with you, the customer at every phase of the project. Joe Stack understands the nuances of the construction process based on his years of hands-on experience and knowledge of all the various trades involved, as well as his management skills needed to collaborate with owners, architects, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Commercial Remodeling and Construction

Whether your organization is moving, changing or growing rapidly, we can help you through all phases of your transition. From a simple remodel to ground-up construction, JP Stack Construction expertly manages all facets of the building process. We are passionate about our work and driven to achieve construction excellence through quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and always delivering your project on time. Every project receives the level of service and attentiveness of a smaller contractor, combined with the expertise, sophistication and collective experience of a larger company. At JO Stack Construction we strive to have every client become a repeat client.​

Custom Homes

We’re proud to offer high-quality single-family new home construction. Our goal is simple: to complete your project in time and on budget by offering clear communication, careful planning, thoughtful execution, and maintaining the highest standards in home construction.


Whether you’re adding a room to your house to increase space, improve functionality, or upgrade the value of your home, we’ll help you achieve that goal from the initial design to the final spot check. Joe Stack has earned a reputation for constructing beautiful, well-crafted room additions, from Master bedrooms and sun rooms to in-law suites and second story room additions. We understand that every home is different, which is why we maintain communication and coordination with you throughout the entire timeline of the project.


Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is much more than another room... it is the heart  of your home, where friends and family gather for good times and great meals. Our goal for your kitchen remodel is to provide an enjoyable, positive, stress- free experience, ending with a visually stunning kitchen that meets all your needs and expectations.


Whether your project is an entire redesign involving gutting the space, moving walls, laying new electrical and plumbing systems and installing custom, high-end furnishings, or a more straightforward venture with new appliances and refinished cabinetry, we will work closely with you to share creative ideas and innovative design strategies to guarantee that you end up with the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are some of the busiest spaces in your home so they need to be beautiful and charming, yet also functional and practical. While often smaller than other rooms, there can be a lot involved. With innovative designs and quality workmanship, we pay great attention to detail from start to finish, ensuring all fixtures align perfectly, towel racks are at your desired height, tiles are cut to exact measurements, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.  We want you to end up with a warm, clean and stylish bathroom that you love, and to be deeply satisfied with the process and our professionalism.

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